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Combining our buying power saves our members thousands each year!

Why Us?

Our team has extensive experience in procurement and contract negotiations at all levels of public and private business. We work hard for our members to ensure everyone is saving money and receiving the best service levels and pricing from our partners.

Thousands of members have been saving money for a few years now and we’re happy to be expanding to bring in a new batch of partners and expanding in to discounts available to our members staff.

We’ve listened to your feedback over the years and have brought in the services you requested and will continue to add more and more each year.

Our members are saving a lot of money! A typical member will save thousands of dollars each year in a handful of areas resulting in more dollars in your pocket at the end of the year.

We can’t always stop our operating costs from going up, but we can get more efficient. This is one simple way to increase efficiency and reduce our operating costs.

The goal with finding discounts available to our members staff is to find ways to incentivize staff without breaking the bank. Wages are always increasing and putting pressure on how businesses operate. The savings offered through the GPO will leave your staff with a bit more money in the bank and we think they’ll appreciate you for it.

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