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How It Works

Group Purchase Organizations, or GPO’s, have been around for many years and some help us in ways we don’t even realize. One example is helping create efficiency in public healthcare to help keep costs down. Typically, GPO’s only deal with large scale projects in the public business setting. We feel that this model can also benefit small to medium sized businesses that employ millions of Canadians across the country.

Our model is simple. We search out partners who can offer all of the products a small to medium sized business needs such as a family medical clinic, dental clinic, pharmacy or construction company and negotiate the best possible price based on our combined buying power. We join forces to find ways to combat inflation and rising operating costs for our members. Our members become a part of a large national organization with thousands of members across the country. Our partner companies don’t see you as spending thousands of dollars each year. We spend tens of millions together. If you’re less than happy with a partner you have the backing of the GPO to come to a satisfactory resolution.

Our members are given all the information they need to access these huge savings with our partners in our secure members area . The sign-up process takes just a few minutes, and you can start saving money right away.

Many of our negotiated discounts and offers can benefit a member businesses staff as well. It’s a benefit that can save your staff thousands of dollars each year.  

Hospitals have teams dedicated to procurement. Small to medium sized companies often grow organically and their staff wear multiple hats. The GPO has gone out and negotiated great pricing so your staff can focus on their task at hand rather than scouring the internet and spending hours on the phone trying to find the right deal. Our partners will get you some of the best pricing and service levels to help make your business successful while leaving you with more time and money at the end of the year.

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